Mr Delivery's got a brand new look!

New Mr Delivery Logo
While browsing through my phone my eye caught a blue app icon that I was pretty sure I had not downloaded. Needless to say, It hit me like a ton of hard candies (sore but sweet). Mr Delivery has a brand new look!
As a visual communicator, I thought I’d take a quick moment to share my thoughts on the facelift by focusing on three points of critique, (1) what works, (2) what doesn’t, (3) what could be improved.
What Works
Let’s begin with the positive shall we. The new Mr D logo is undoubtedly a fresh new take on a household brand. It is trendy and upbeat in its use of bright, flat colours contrasted to the dark bold, black lines that outline the icon’s general form. The clever use of imagery that portrays the letter “D” as a half eaten burger is effective and endearing in its implications towards both the Mr D service offering and the name.

In as far as the communication is concerned, It is immediately clear that Mr D has turned its focus to the young, hip, tech savy customer in an effort to cement the Mr D brand into the hearts, minds, homes, and smartphones of the future and present South African family. This seems, in my opinion, an effective, direct challenge to the new Uber Eats brand as Mr D, by sheer infrastructure, has a far wider footprint in South Africa and is now repositioning itself to the Uber clientele as a better alternative.

What Doesn’t Work
With regards to the imagery, there are a few points that detract from the overall aesthetic. Firstly, the “D” imagery seems to drastically overshadow the “Mr” lettering in both font and size. The over all logo does, very much, remind me of an amalgamation of imagery taken from Debonairs(legs) and Apple(bitted food). While it is quite original, more thought could have been put to the final iterations in and effort to create something iconic as opposed to trendy.

The new logo also tends to get visually crowded and hard to identify when placed alongside other logos. 

Example in below image:

New Mr Delivery Logo against other logos

That said, While drastic change is very often a necessity (and in the case of Mr D, is indeed a catalyst for the growth of a new client base) I am not convinced that the extreme change, embarked upon by Mr D, from visual sophistication to juvenility, was the correct strategy to undertake. While I will be the first to admit that I do not by any means know the solution to the following, I think that Mr D should have considered walking the visual line between their existing clients and the potential new ones. The move from the personable smiley face logo to a cartoonesque style icon does leave one asking, “why?”.

What Could be Done Better
The final point of critique on this would be very simple. When looking at the issue of the “Mr” font being too small, resizing the “Mr” typeface slightly, out towards the left, would probably have done the trick in creating a more balanced weighting between the icon and the wording. In the context of the holistic brand, the “Mr” typeface would have also been far more effective as a rounder, more playful font style.
Lastly, simplicity is key. Alot more could have been done to simplify the imagery, whittling it down to its core meaning and values and then creating imagery that speaks to those values.
Overall, this is an exciting change for a big brand that continues to innovate and grow and, as such, I look forward to the shift in perspective that the new Mr D brand will bring.
What do you think?
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